Sunday, April 20, 2008

Canon HG10 - Not Big On Looks, but Functions

Canon Video HG10

The HD10, Canon's new HD camcorder which hides a 40GB hard disk inside. On this high definition HDD videocam, you can store from 5.5 hours to more than 13 hours of full HD video.
The videocam's proportions and colours make it seem portly, but in fact , it is small. Controls are split between the body and the LCD panel. Canon has included a novel spinning control dial on the LCD for fine control like focusing.
Videos are recorded in the advanced Video Codec High-Definition format. Part of the Blu-Ray clan, it comresses footage better than the older MPEG-2 codec used for DVDs
The HG10 offers excellent image quality and performance in a convenient format with enough tricks to please everyone from the snapshot shooter to the purposeful videographer.

CanonHD10 TV Commercials

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