Thursday, May 8, 2008

Archos 605 WiFi

You would be impress with the 605 wiFi's predecessor, the 604 WiFi, and Archos has made a few tweaks to make the new version more desirable. The resolution has been increased to 800X480; the 30GB hard disk is ample for long journeys with sensibly encoded films; and getting content onto the device is as simple as dragging and dropping. In use, you were able to watch feature films before the battery died, which is good news for short and medium-haul fliers. Unfortunately, the WiFi abilities are hamstrung by the need ti buy the web browsing software separately, for which Archos charges a faintly obsceneUS$30. This came free with the 604 Wifi. As it stands, the 605 is an impressive device for portable video.
Archos 605 WiFi

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