Thursday, May 15, 2008

HTC_S730, The Best Of Both Worlds

HTC has launched the 3.5G smart phone S730 model which has twice the processing speed of the previous S710 model and doubled flash memory to 256MG. On top of that, the second camera has been added at the front of the phone for making video calls. Compared to today's slim phones, the 2cm thick S730 does seem bulky. However, for a smartphone with full Qwerty keyboard, its still a compact feat of engineering. This combination of a numeric keypad and Qwerty keyboard on a single device means you get the best of both worlds. The spring-loaded keyboard slides open smoothly and shuts with a nice snap. Its display automatically orientates itself - horizontally or vertically - depending on whether the keyboard is open or shut.
the S730's customisedhome screen is very handy. One glance and you can easily tell the time and check if you have email messages, missed calls or upcoming appointments. You can also quickly set alarms and check the latest weather forecast directly from the home screen.
The phone's other features aren't terribly exciting. Expect the usual laundry list - a 2.4-inch display with standard 240-320 pixel resolution, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, microSD memory expansion slot & 2megapixel camera.
The single external speaker produces great sound-loud & clear, with little or no distortion.Audio from the earpiece is even more impressive,especially when boosted via the Audio Booster equaliser utility. Definitely ranks as one of the best sounding smartphones in the market. You can also enjoy your music collection wirelessly by

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