Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LucidTouch - Microsoft's Double-sided Touchscreen

Microsoft Mitsubishi LucidTouch

Microsoft is pioneering a touchscreen that can be operated from the front and the back. The device aims to overcome the conventional touchscreen flaw of the hand covering up much of what's being displayed. Microsoft's existing prototype, called Lucidtouch, allows users to view the front screen without obstruction by entering text, navigating maps and clicking link from the rear. Beginning with the commercial touchscreen, the researchers at Microsoft bolted a multi-input touchpad to the back and then fitted a webcam on a boom to record the motion of the user's fingers. This video is then fed into software running on the PC, which filters out pointers to the fingertips - so that users can select items precisely onscreen and then feeds it back to the display. In addition, it features multitouch - while holding the device between palms, users can operate the device with eight fingers from the back and with both thumbs from the front

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