Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Sinclair A-Bike


So named, because of its ‘A’ like shape in use, the uniquely styled A-bike feels much like a normal bike to ride. However unlike other folding bikes it can easily be slipped into a bag while you hop on the tube, train, bus, or even a plane.

Invented by Sir Clive Sinclair,conceived in Britain, built in Malaysia and sold via the Internet, the A-bike opens up in just 10 seconds into a A-frame bicycle ready for use as an urban get-around . "..the idea is that if you have a bicycle which is seriously lighter and more compact than anything existing at the moment, it will change the way in which people see bikes.”

"'s so well built it could have been machined in a Formula One factory .. this is the ipod of bicycles, a fantastic feat of engineering.."
Time Out Magazine November 2006

'How to Unfold your A-Bike?' Video

BRITAIN-SINCLAIR-A-BIKESinclair A-bikeA-bike folded and bag

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