Saturday, May 3, 2008

Suzuki X-Head - An Unprecedented Cross-Utility Vehicle

The X-Head is a new kind of cross-utility vehicle that delivers all kinds of value by allowing users to change its form using various interchangeable load-bed units for purposes ranging from enjoyment to emergency rescue. It's great example of Suzuki innovations that let people enjoy life on their own term. The X-Head delivers strong performance on diverse surfaces thanks to four-wheel-drive advances including a limited-slip centre differential. Large approach and departure angles further enhance its rough-road capabilities. The cockpit, design for easy control, features a wide-monitor information system that keeps the driver comprehensively informed. It's also equipped with high-legibility meters, a courtesy-light-cum-flashlight that can be used as a hammer for emergency escapes, and a multi-utility box that can be carried and used outside the car. The seats incorporate net sheets and neoprene for superb cushioning and waterproofing
Tokyo Motor Show 2007Suzuki X-HEAD ConceptTokyo Auto Show: Suzuki X-Head Concept Car

Suzuki X-Head concept

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