Friday, October 24, 2008

Intel brings Internet to TV

INTEL has teamed up with Yahoo to bring the Internet to TV sets.
The collaboration will see the launch of a new Widget channel where viewers will be able to receive email, check sports scores and even search for Web videos while watching TV.
Yahoo, which already offers a similar software platform for mobile phones & PCs, will provide the software for the interactive TV applications while Intel will provide the hardware.
The chip maker has developed the Intel Media Processor 3100 chip (which they called it 'TV chips') that can be used in TV sets, DVD players and set-top boxes which can be embedded in television sets to bring Internet capability to the tube. Gigabyte’s Media Processor CE 3100 box will be the the first device with the chip embedded. It combines memory, graphics processors and applications into a single chip. All these are handle by different chip now. This partnership might finally help to bring the interactivity of the Internet to TV screens without changing the viewing experience. Companies have been trying for years to bring the Internet to TV screens by transplanting the PC into the TV but without much success. With the Intel-Yahoo way, it is only parts of the Internet that will make it to the TV via applications. With everything handled by the US$35 Intel chip, electronics makers will also be able to lower costs for TV sets and set-top boxes

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