Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Sony Ericsson X10 Series

While it came in later into the touchscreen phone game, Sony Ericsson is winning hearts with thin wonders in the form of X10, X10 mini & the X10 mini pro.
The X10, announced last November, sports a 4-inch screen and is just 13mm thick.
The mini however, at 16mm thick, delivers an intuitive touchscreen interface despite its size, with rich graphics. The new interface, Timescape, also links with social networks to provide one-stop access to a contact's updates on Twitter and Facebook.
Those who text a lot might baulk at having to share the display with a touchscreen but that is where the 17mm mini pro comes in. It has a full Querty keyboard that slides out, and though buttons ar etiny, they are easy to use, provided your thumbs not bigger than mine, of course

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