Friday, April 2, 2010

3M Mpro 150 Portable Projector - Big Picture In your pocket

All you need to screen a movie up to 127cm big on a wall is this 159g projector. Plus, you can carry this projector, which is half a weight of a canned drink, in back back pocket.
Battery power - enough for a full length movie - twin speakers are built-in.
There is no need for a laptop. This smart cookie reads Microsoft Office and PDF files as well as photos, music & videos.
Store files in MPro's 1GB of internel memory. If that is not enough, plug in a microSD card.
The projector's 15 lumens pales in comparison with 1.500 lumens of a full-sized one. However, its nifty size and all-in-one design make it an unbeatable choice for a quick on-the-spot presentation to up to five people


Latest gadgets said...

This is a nice portable projector! Film viewing will be then that easy!

Gadgets & Gizmos said...

Great article here. Thanks for posting this. Very useful information.

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