Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google Android Prototype

This isn't really a model that's being released. But phones running on Google much-hyped open-source Android software did catch people's curiosity. Though the initial model shown reminds you of a Blackberry messaging device, the potential in android goes far beyond looks.
With open-source software, developers are free to create all manner of software for future Android phones, which are set to be launched this year by the likes of HTC, LG and Samsung.
Expect GPS to be thrown in too, as this is a likely part of Google's brand plan to push ads to mobile users.
Imagine walking down a road, looking for directions on your phone's map. and up pop advertisements from nearby stores on the map. Sounds loke a potential invention of privacy, but there may be pluses. You won't complain if you get a dinner voucher to a nearby nice restaurant, right? This gadget is literally for anyone especially business users, religious Linux fanatics and Google's fan

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